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The Process

My editorial process begins with a conversation.  I want to get to know you and your work and start a dialogue that will continue throughout the project and beyond.

​During our initial conversation, we'll talk about your story and your writing in general, and about my editorial approach and how it can help your book.  I'll also send you a short survey with some questions about your story and your writing.  This gives you the chance to think about your work from a fresh perspective and lets me better tailor my editing or coaching.

I'll also read the first 2,500 words of your manuscript and send you a brief Editorial Letter with initial feedback.  This will illustrate my approach to story and offer you the chance to share any early feedback with me.

If you decide I'm the right editor for you then we'll get to work.  Whether it's editing, story coaching, or getting tough in the Second Draft Bootcamp, we'll be in constant communication as work on your story progresses.  And when the work is done and the edits are in, we'll continue our conversation so you get all your questions answered and all the support you need.

​​Great editing inspires writers and transforms stories.  It builds a creative and open relationship between editor and writer and leads to powerful, sublime storytelling.  Great editing starts with a conversation.




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