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Course Handbook

These policies help you navigate our seminars and what to do in case you need to cancel or reschedule your course.


In the event you need to cancel your attendance at one of our courses, you can opt for a refund, or you can have your tuition applied to a future course.


You can reschedule your course at no charge and can even change your course (provided there is space) to one of our other offerings. Please notify us at to reschedule.


In the unlikely event that a course is canceled, for any reason, you will be given a complete refund or the opportunity to transfer to another course at no charge.


For all courses you will need a computer, mobile phone, or table; a high speed internet connection; webcam, and microphone and speakers. Courses are held through the Zoom portal, which must be downloaded/installed on your device or launched via a web browser.

Accessing Your Course

We will send you a personalized Zoom-link to access your course at least 24-hours before your course is scheduled to begin. The link is unique to you and will let you join your course once it is underway.

Course Materials

All of our course materials are free for participants and are sent to your email at the conclusion of your course. These materials are a great reference that you can always come back to while writing and implementing the course content in your work.


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