Story Coaching

Do your best work.

Story Coaching is one-on-one support while you write.  It offers expert advice to help you fine-tune your storytelling and get right to your best draft, one that avoids needless mistakes and saves you months of rewriting.

These sessions will cover every story question you have, and offer you writing tools and literary insight that will immensely expand your craft.  We'll discuss it all, including how to:

  • Properly structure your story and scenes

  • Enhance the elements of fiction in your prose to add depth to the story

  • Activate your reader with apt detail that cuts out exposition

  • Achieve genuine conflict in your plot and escalate it the right way

  • Write compelling characters and conflicts

  • Avoid cliché plot points and plot structure

Story Coaching is a force multiplier that gets you to do your best writing and absolutely nail that first draft.

Story Coaching

You will receive:

  • Hour-long coaching session through video or audio calls (whichever you prefer) to answer all your story questions and provide craft development

  • Reads of your draft in-progress to help guide the coaching sessions and enhance your work

  • Unlimited email support during the Story Coaching period