Second Draft Bootcamp

The game-changer.


This one-on-one course gives you the editorial tools you need to turn your first draft into a great story. 


Before you send your story to an editor or an agent or a reader, get it in peak shape with this intensive course.


In this bootcamp you will learn:


  • The principles of effective editing and story analysis

  • How an editor identifies what works and what doesn't work in your story

  • How to track your story structure and find structural errors

  • How to apply your own developmental and line edit to your story


Get in the game.  Get your story right.

You finished your first draft - awesome - now you need to edit it.  Welcome to the Second Draft Bootcamp.
Second Draft Bootcamp Pricing

You will receive:

  • A three-hour session over video conferencing that presents all course materials and answers your story questions

  • A follow-up three-hour session over video conferencing to reinforce the original course and address any questions now that you have started to apply the lessons to your story


  • A developmental and line edit of your first 5,000 words

Bootcamp tuition: $400