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The Six Elements of Structure

The Six Elements of Structure


Structure is essential to story. A properly structured story generates its own tension and momentum, increases reader engagement, and builds a story that works. Without the right structure, the narrative loses its coherence and reader interest wanes. These rules are therfore vital to the writer's toolkit.


In this course, writers will learn the six core elements of proper structure and how they work to build a compelling scene and story. The course will explore each of the six elements in detail and analyze how they work with examples from well-known stories. By the end of this course, writers will know all six elements of proper structure, how to identify them in any story, and how to apply them to enhance their own stories. Writers will also leave with a course textbook that covers all of the lecture material in depth and makes a handy reference for applying these principles in the future. This class is a must for writers looking to level-up their writing and tell a great story that works for readers.



This course is taught by the Publisher of Grailing Press, Michael Piekny.


This class meets on Monday, December 4th from 6:00pm to 10:00pm over Zoom. You will receive a personalized Zoom-link sent to your email address at least 24-hours before the course begins.

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